Current Grants:


Information available on the Travel Fund page

Extracurricular Funding Grant:

The Extracurricular Funding Grant is for veterinary student organizations to provide funding for wet labs or lectures supplementing their college’s curriculum.​

  • There are FOUR awards at $200​ each
  • Application is here
  • Deadline 3/21/16!!!!!


NAVLE Study Package Scholarship

NAVLE Digital Study Package Scholarship. Even if you have already purchased a NAVLE study package you can be reimbursed up to $300!

  • Four $300 Scholarships available!
  • Info and App HERE
  • Deadline 4/14/2016

AVMA Convention Travel Grant:
Looking for something to do this summer? Check out some AWESOME lectures the AVMA Convention! These grants are designed to provide students with the opportunity to attend the annual AVMA Convention. 
  • The 2017 AVMA Convention will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, from July 21-25th.  Students are invited to attend and participate in networking events and educational lectures/workshops (
  • As a SAVMA member, the >$500 registration fee is waived for you, and attendance is FREE.
  • Four awards of $250 each are offered by the Educational and Professional Development Committee to help offset travel costs and are available to all SAVMA members.
  • Click these links for MORE INFO and the APPLICATION
  • Deadline is 4/21/17

​Disaster Preparedness Grant

The Disaster Preparedness Grant will sponsor grants for individuals and clubs that are interested in hosting a disaster preparedness course, wet lab, or related event at their respective school.

  • Two $1000 grants and one $500 grant for clubs
  • More info and application can be found here
  • Deadline 4/31/16


Underserved Area/Youth Interest Stipend:

PHCOC Mission Statement: “The committee shall assist in the provision of veterinary medical care for underserved populations, the provision of practical experience for SAVMA members, and in increasing youth interest in careers related to veterinary medicine or allied health careers.”

  • There are EIGHT $500 Scholarships available per year
  • Please find more information and the application here
  • Applications accepted on a rolling basis, so apply soon!


Past Due Grants:

​Government Outreach, Advocacy and Leadership (GOAL) Grant:

​The purpose of the GOAL grant is to promote AVMA’s legislative work and Government Relations Division (GRD), as well as encourage participation in legislative action and advocacy for veterinary medicine on the student level. Only veterinary students who participate in the legislative fly-in are eligible for this grant.

  • ​6 grants up to $500 each
  • Info and Application HERE
  • Deadline 3/9/2016!!!!–