Current Grants:

Ongoing Grants/ Scholarships!


November 1st- Environmental Awareness Grant 2018
Apply for a grant to reach out and initiate environmental projects, engage in research, or attend conservation related events/ meetings. A first place grant receives $1000 and two honorable mentions receive $500. Check out the details here

November 14th- AWHAB Educational Lecture Grant

Does your club want to host a special lecture on topics related to animal welfare and/or the human-animal bond? Apply to win one of four $500 awards!
Applications can be found HERE.

November 14th- AWHAB Project Grant

Apply to win on of four $500 awards to support a far-reaching project that benefits humans and animals, tangibly enhances the education of veterinary students, provides a platform for vet professionals to be involved in the local community, and benefits as many SAVMA members as possible. Application can be found HERE.

November 15th- Communicating Diversity within Veterinary Medicine Grant

Write a 300-500 word essay to win one of five $250-$500 grants to facilitate dialogue about diversity and inclusion in veterinary medicine. To apply, click HERE.

November 16th- Extracurricular Funding Grant
The SAVMA Education and Professional Development Committee is offering four, $200 grants to veterinary student organizations to provide funding for wet labs or lectures supplementing their college’s curriculum. Apply HERE.

November 19th- 2019 World Veterinary Association Animal Welfare Awards

The WVA will recognize one student for their engagement in animal welfare (that could be you!) That student will win 5,000 Euros at the WVA Congress in Costa Rica, for which travel and accommodation will be covered. Sorry, first years aren’t eligible yet. Please see Student Nomination Information for more info!


December 1st- Faculty Community Outreach Award
Do you know a faculty member, clinician, or someone else that has gone above and beyond to interact with and make a difference in the local and/or global community as a leader? Nominate them to receive $300, paid travel expenses to SAVMA Symposium, and an award that will be presented publicly at symposium. You could win $125 for nominating! Click here for the application.

December 1st- Teaching Excellence Award

Want to recognize an outstanding teacher who has made an impact on veterinary students? The teacher could win an all-expenses paid trip to 2019 SAVMA Student Symposium at the University of Georgia to address the SAVMA House of Delegates and receive an award at the End of Symposium Gala. Nominating student will receive a $200 award! Please apply here.

December 15th- Economic Initiative Essay

Write an essay requesting solutions to student economic issues, such as student debt, budgeting, and tuition, have the opportunity to be awarded $250, and the educational and professional development committee will work to implement these solutions if feasible! Please submit essays here!

December 31st- Wellness Support Fund

The SAVMA Wellness Committee is offering funding to veterinary students and veterinary school organizations that wish to promote physical, mental, and emotional health at their college of veterinary medicine. SAVMA will award up to $2,500.00 to applicants! Apply here!

December 31st- NAVLE Package Scholarship

Submit an essay of 250 words or less outlining the importance of dedication to lifelong learning to being a successful veterinary professional for a chance to win $300 towards a NAVLE study package of your choice from SAVMA’s EPDC Committee. Apply here.

December 31st- Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Scholarship

Second and third year! You can apply to win one of 54 $5,000 scholarships so apply here. The odds are in your favor on this one!


January 11th- AVMA/AVMF 2nd Opportunity Summer Research Scholarship

Did you conduct research last summer and are you interested in doing a second summer of research? Apply here.


March 30th- Diversity and Communications Development Travel Grant

You could win one of 5 $200 grants to attend a convention, symposium, or other conference which promotes diversity and communication in the vet profession. Can be retroactive! Apply here.



See below for more info regarding rolling grants including:

  • Diversity and Communication Travel Grant- $200


Information available on the Travel Fund page

Extracurricular Funding Grant:

The Extracurricular Funding Grant is for veterinary student organizations to provide funding for wet labs or lectures supplementing their college’s curriculum.​

  • There are FOUR awards at $200​ each
  • Application is here
  • Deadline is past… try again next year!


NAVLE Study Package Scholarship

NAVLE Digital Study Package Scholarship. Even if you have already purchased a NAVLE study package you can be reimbursed up to $300!

  • Four $300 Scholarships available!
  • Info and App HERE
  • Deadline is past… try again next year!

AVMA Convention Travel Grant:
Looking for something to do this summer? Check out some AWESOME lectures the AVMA Convention! These grants are designed to provide students with the opportunity to attend the annual AVMA Convention. 
  • The 2017 AVMA Convention will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, from July 21-25th.  Students are invited to attend and participate in networking events and educational lectures/workshops (
  • As a SAVMA member, the >$500 registration fee is waived for you, and attendance is FREE.
  • Four awards of $250 each are offered by the Educational and Professional Development Committee to help offset travel costs and are available to all SAVMA members.
  • Click these links for MORE INFO and the APPLICATION
  • Deadline is past, try again next year!