If you are a SCAVMA member in good standing, you may be eligible for the SCAVMA Travel Fund! Any member who is attending an unpaid externship, educational conference, RAVS, AQUAVET, MARVET, or any academic trip (this excludes SAVMA Symposium and conferences held at Cornell University) can receive up to $75 to go towards their travels. 
  • To apply please complete a Travel Fund Application and sign the Travel Fund Addendum
  • Reimbursements are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Please follow the instructions as stated in the application below and submit it to Helen Tsoi via email (ht424@cornell.edu) or you can place the completed application in her student mailbox (c/o 2018)
  • You may apply for any experiences that occur any time in the 2016 calendar year (Jan 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016; including retroactively. You may fill out an application and submit it before your trip, to save your spot, but you will not receive your reimbursement until after you make the trip.
  • For more information please refer to the application and addendum