First Annual Leadership Conference

leadersThis year, thanks to a generous donation by the AVMA PLIT/GHLIT, the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Initiative for Personal and Professional Enrichment, along with the help of SCAVMA and the Veterinary Leadership Institute, is providing students, faculty, alumni, and local practitioners with an amazing opportunity. We will be hosting a weekend-long leadership development conference specifically focused on veterinary medicine. Please join us for an engaging weekend of networking, education, and professional development.

Why attend?
The Veterinary Leadership Institute is the only organization dedicated to equipping current and future leaders in the veterinary profession. Medical proficiency alone is not enough for veterinary professionals to succeed in today’s diverse society and we don’t learn these things in school! The curriculum is lacking in experiential learning such as this and it’s a great way to boost your résumé!

Click <here> for a highlights video!

What will I do? 
This conference is based on the flagship event of the VLI, the Veterinary Leadership Experience. This is an opportunity that few are able to partake in! Each year, only a select number of students and veterinary professionals are selected to attend this workshop for free out in Idaho. By attending the conference here at Cornell that will be hosted by the same people, you will be privy to this experience that is only afforded to a few people internationally each year!

This program is designed to teach all participants ways to enhance leadership abilities they already possess. The program is also designed to challenge perceptions and effectively open new doors, and new ways to achieve the success and efficiency many people seek for career and professional growth.

What about Misster Cornell?
Not to fear! The Friday session will end just in time for you to attend the Misster Cornell Happy Hour and we encourage you to do so!

How do I register?
Registration is now open HERE! The deadline for registration is November 7th. The cost is $30 for students and $90 for professionals. This will be going toward the cost of food and will go to funding additional leadership opportunities for students!
We look forward to seeing you in November! Please contact us with questions or concerns. Also, feel free to check out our website which will be up in the next few days!

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